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The key points

Freedom of display material

  • Since the passers-by control the screen with their mobile phone, the screen does not need to be physically accessible and can therefore be positioned high up or behind a glass screen. It can also be extremely large.


  • There is no need to install multiple infrastructures to be able to serve several passers-by at once, an Interact panel is multi-user and is capable of splitting the display area efficiently amongst all the connected passers-by.

Not just screens

  • We are not restricted to screens. With the Interact technology, passers-by can use their mobile phone to control just about any electrical or electronic system. Imagine the possibilities.

Exchange content

  • Exchange content with passers-by. Send content to their mobile phone (cut-price coupons, music, video) but also allow them to send you their content: the Interact technology gives passers-by the possibility of sending you contact information, photos or any other type of content that is in their mobile phone.


  • Interact communicates with passers-by and vice-versa. But this is not all, the Interact panels can communicate between each other and thus make your information or your advertising even more hard-hitting: imagine a game in which passers-by from different towns clash through Interact screens.
  • Similarly, an Interact panel could communicate with your computer system over the Internet and provide you with real-time information, such as data collected for marketing prospects.