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The main activity of See&Touch, a company that presents itself as " a company being able to provide customized solutions to all types of numeric display", is the creation and the production of information distribution systems, and in particular interactive kiosks, over the last twelve years.

Description of our company:

The See&Touch company was founded within Sherwood S.A ., established in the Liège region since 1989, and specialized in computer partnership.

Meeting complementary partners in technology within the "Prométhée" group of the DGTRE meant that Sherwood had found extensive competence in the production of innovative products.

Together with DefIMedia, an information technology development company operating in the field of information management, and Speech Ventures (Acapela), a holding company that invests in high-tech companies employing voice recognition and synthesis technology, See&Touch was founded in 2002. So for several years now, we have been designing and producing interactive kiosks in our own workshops..

"I very quickly realised that we would have to dress up our kiosks if we were to stand out from our competitors. And if they were to be attractive, we would have to create an aesthetic emotion", explains Eric DELVAUX (CEO of See&Touch ). "This is what we did by taking great care with the design of our products while at the same time integrating the latest technology." But the design is only one aspect within many. "whoever speaks of design also speaks of a homogeneous product at a competitive price", continues Eric Delvaux.

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See&Touch by WAVEinside

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