Technological advances bring new challenges and needs. To meet the expectations of today's consumers (or Y generation), the interactive and tactile kiosks are at the heart of business and e-commerce issues in the retail outlets (Cross-channel). Here is how we can help you to meet your needs with our technology of dynamic display and our interactive kiosks.


  • To collect data via quizzes
  • To interact at anytime with your clientele
  • To captivate the customers with a touch shop window and touch screen
  • To innovate and transform shopping instants into rich and innovative experiences
  • To print e-coupons/ discount tickets
  • To animate your point of sale (video, image, 3D animation)
  • To post in a dynamic way
  • To broadcast commercials and current promotions
  • To communicate towards the outside and improve your visibility
  • To consult and enter data
  • To show products and available stock
  • To promote your products/services
  • To extend the width and depth of range
  • To allow customers to order what is not anymore in stock via the kiosk (size, color, etc.)
  • To inform and advise on products (eg virtual characters)
  • To situate stores, shelves, products
  • To direct customers
  • To build customer loyalty

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