The hospital sector meets challenges and needs to which it has to answer in order to improve its services. From the comfort of your patients up to the development of customer loyalty of the latter, See&Touch's kiosks will allow you to meet all your needs whatever they may be. Here are some examples about which we can answer with See&Touch's products.


  • To manage patient's flow
  • To reduce the wait at the reception/reception terminal
  • To offer a welcome 24h/24h and 7/7 in multilingual
  • To identify via eID card
  • To allow the patients registration
  • To orientate and find your way in the hospital (plan/3D model)
  • To print documents (pre-admission)
  • To make the payment without passing by the reception
  • To inform, entertain and bring up the patients (in waiting room)
  • To display photos or videos about the hospital, the services or the teams (in standby mode)
  • To show videos or animations to make patients/visitors sensitive to AID, cigarette, etc.
  • To increase satisfaction, strengthen your customer relationships and retain customers
  • To carry out satisfaction surveys
  • To enhance your brand image
  • To consult information about the hospital
  • Wifi spot

Kiosks for doctors and nurses

  • To access to patient files
  • To send information, updates files
  • To show care applicable to patients anywhere and anytime
  • To do remote alarm (for patients at home) / get back remote information (chronic disease)

Associated products