Events and museums

In order to reach visitors and attract them, it's useful for museum and tourist sector to take advantage of benefits offered by technology. Current generation wishes to touch, interact and live an experience. See&Touch Digital Signage products and interactive kiosks comply with your technological needs while integrating in the location thanks to customization of product.



  • To modernise and make your museum more attractive
  • To manage queues and ticketing
  • To guide visitors inside your museum via an interactive map
  • To feature your collections through a museographic project
  • To allow the analysis of works from near (2D – 3D)
  • To communicate in a dynamic and fascinating way
  • To interact with your customers
  • Provide continuity in your services
  • To carry out a satisfaction survey, collect data


  • To inform about catering places and accommodation (restaurants, bars, hotels, etc.)
  • To feature the local specialities (pictures, videos, descriptions)
  • To publish the upcoming festive events (festivals, concerts, etc.)
  • To post information about transports (buses, trains, streetcars, taxis, rents, etc.)
  • To direct thanks to a large map with points of interest (walks, leisure areas, shops, police, hospitals, etc.)
  • To send the information on a Smartphone
  • Provide an internet connection (see the tourist office website)
  • To allow the sending of e-card with personalized picture via a webcam
  • To provide assistance 24h/24 and 7/7 in multiple languages
  • To set up an advertising area

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