Banking and insurance

Customers often don't have the time and they want that their requests are quickly treated. See&Touch interactive kiosks and Digital Signage products help you to answer these needs. Our customized products for your bank and offices allow you to free yourself from certain tasks and to improve your efficiency.


  • To manage and reduce the waiting time at the reception and save customers time
  • To provide the access to your HomeBank
  • To allow loan simulations (car, house, etc.)
  • To feature your special offers and services
  • To highlight your new products and services and extend your offer
  • To show the various kinds of contracts and be able to compare them
  • To interact with your customers, to carry out a satisfaction survey, efficiency assessment, etc.
  • To print documents without passing by the reception
  • To provide continuity in your services
  • To increase your popularity
  • To improve customer's satisfaction and retain them
  • To show didactic videos and animations
  • To offer an access to the internet, to the website of the bank, to the WIFI, etc.
  • To give the possibility to get in touch with adviser, to ask questions, etc.
  • To add efficiency to your communication strategy (dynamic display: targeted, reactive, relevant, ecological, etc.)
  • To improve internal communicate via screens (between different agencies, headquarters, etc.)

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