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  • Keyboard / Trackball

    Clavier / Trackball SecurE
    Stainless steel keyboard
    Protection: IP65
    Key travel: 0.8 - 1.6 mm
    Typing force: 3N
    Life cycles (operations/switch): >3 million
    Multiple layout
    Illuminated trackball
    Diameter : 50,8 mm
    Material : epoxy resin, translucide
    Protection : IP65 static
    Rrotation force : nom. 50 gr.
  • Thermal Printer

    Imprimante thermique SecurE
    80 mm et 112 mm
    Interface: RS 232 serial, USB, Centronics
    Resolution: 200 dpi
    Print speed: 120 mm/sec.
    A4 thermal
    Interface: RS 232 serial, USB, Centrinics
    Resolution: 300 dpi
    Print speed: 180 mm/sec.
  • Laser Printer

    Imprimante Laser A4 SecurE
    Possibility of multiple printers 
    With or without additional paper tray
    - requires fan unit option 
  • Card reader

    Lecteur de cartes
    4 bays are provided (one for the reader model)
  • Wifi

    Wifi SecurE
  • Web CAM

    Web CAM SecurE
  • Computer

    Computer selected by your company or suggested by See&Touch
  • Loudspeakers

    Haut parleur SecurE
    1,5 Watts RMS
  • Ventilateur et filtre

    Ventilateur SecurE
    Jusqu'à 4 ventilateurs (55m³/h chacun)

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