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Interact Whereas today's "Out-Of-Home" public communication occurs mainly in just one direction - from the display medium to the passer-by - Interact makes this communication bi-directional and presents passers-by with the possibility of interacting with the display medium.

Interact is proud to be state-of-the-art technology, making use of all available resources, especially Internet, in order to ensure that the proposed information is as dynamic, as up-to-date and thus as pertinent and as attractive as possible.

Interact can use any communication technology to contact the mobile phones of passers-by, be it Bluetooth, WiFi, 3G or any other technology incorporated into the phone. This polyvalence not only allows Interact to adapt instantaneously to the constant evolutionary spiral of mobile phones, but above all allows passers-by to use Interact completely free of charge (via Bluetooth and WiFi in particular).