ICT 2010


From 27th to 29th September, - See&Touch, Defimedia and UCL attending the ICT 2010 conference Digitally Driven.

The UsiXML (USer Interface eXtensible Markup Language) project is developing an innovative model-driven language to improve user interface design.

See&Touch, Defimedia (as industrial partners) and UCL (as academic partner) are involved in the European ITEA 2 – UsiXML project. The aim of this project is to benefit end-users in term of computing productivity, usability and accessibility by supporting the ‘μ7' concept. This concept covers multi-device, multi-user, multi-culturalism/lingualism, multi-organisation, multi-context, multi-modality and multi-platform issues.

UsiXML is an XML-compliant mark-up language that describes the UI for multiple contexts. In other words, interactive applications with different types of interaction techniques, modalities of use and computing platforms can be described in a way that preserves the design independently from peculiar characteristics of the physical computing platform. This approach is being backed by industrial and academic partners.