Serious Game 2010

Serious Game 2010

04 May, 2010 - First conference on Serious Games in Francophone Belgium

The use of games in a so-called "serious" context (marketing, communication, training, simulation, etc.) is booming. Examples of applications in business, education, the army, the medical field, the aerospatial industry, etc. keep multiplying . It has such a potential that many countries, such as Canada and France, identified it as a market of the future and took supportive measures.

From playing with marbles to 3D games, human beings have always used games as a tool for learning, exchanging and socialising, etc. The boom of serious games corresponds with the rise of generation "Y", born into a world where computers and game consoles were already present, but also with the development of tools which are becoming more and more performing and easy to handle.

New is the extension of these interactive technologies to all generations. Animated cinema and cartoon strips have gone through the same evolution, first aimed at a younger public before appealing to the entire population. Today the worldwide turnover in the video game industry largely exceeds that of cinema and music together! This is a field with a future in terms of creating employment.

This first conference on serious games in Francophone Belgium is an occasion to discover the possibilities for training and communication this medium offers today, regardless of your line of business.

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